Posted by: Mr. Miller | 2014-12-18

Christmas carols – Chicago style

I truly wish that I could take credit for this, but I cannot. Full credit goes to Bears’ fan Phil Guay who, prior to the ugly loss to the Saints on Monday Night Football, uploaded a hilarious Christmas carol parody titled “A Very Angry Bears Fan Christmas.”

In my best Don Pardo-type voice:

You can hear such classics as: “Cutler the would-be QB” (sung to the tune of “Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer”), “Last Season”, and “Keep this Up” (“Deck the Halls”). Bears’ fans, make your Christmas as Merry as possible! If you have to listen to the constant barrage of holiday hymns, they might as well be entertaining at the same time!

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Posted by: Mr. Miller | 2014-12-05

Leadership (part two)

Starting with the book I’ve been reading on how special forces (i.e. Green Beret) officers are made to the usual in-fighting among the politicians in Washington to just the general observations I see on a daily basis – I’ve become somewhat obsessed with the concept of leadership lately. Or perhaps, the lack thereof.

From managers and politicians to athletes and parents – there just seems to be a major epidemic in this country where morals have disappeared and common sense is foreign.

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Posted by: Mr. Miller | 2014-12-02

How many websites are there?

Do a Google search for ‘how many websites are there’. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Considering that Google is essentially God when it comes to all things internet related (even non-internet related), you should see the following iron-clad search result indicating that there are 644,275,754 active websites on the internet.

Google search result

Think about that for moment; the enormity of that number. If you knew just over 644 million people – every single one of them would have their own website. That’s just mind-boggling.

The reason I bring up that little factoid is that lately I’ve been thinking about how many of those 644 million websites I frequent. Being that I’m basically a computer geek who spends a minimum of 8-hours a day accessing a device with internet access, one would think that I hit a decent number of those sites. Well I don’t. Far from it.

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Posted by: Mr. Miller | 2014-11-22


In many ways, I feel that I missed a calling. That at some point in my youth I should have enlisted for a stint – and perhaps even a career – in the military. The dedication and training of our soldiers is incredibly honorable and, at the same time, both challenging and fascinating.

Thank you ALL for your service.

Despite what you might think about war itself, the men and women who lead others into battle have qualities that the rest of us should be emulating daily. These leaders are strong, intelligent, have high integrity, are solid decision makers, good listeners and never ask anything of someone that they wouldn’t do themselves.

The idea of team always trumps the individual.

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Posted by: Mr. Miller | 2014-11-18

When an apology hurts

A lot of what I write about in this blog seems to center around my son Matt. I do so because I think it’s important to document the ups (and the occasional downs) of what it’s like to raise a child with autism. As my wife reminded me not so long ago, there’s a story to tell and a lot of people could benefit from knowing how both she and I – and more importantly Matt himself – have refused to let an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ADS) diagnosis keep us down.

And in doing so, one of the things I’ve purposely tried to do is focus on the positives. I mean, it certainly beats the alternative right? Too often I see, hear and read nothing but complaints and what sometimes is a feeling of hostility from other parents of children with ASD. Often times the “woe-is-me” attitude is quite prevalent and to me that’s counterproductive.

Besides, it’s not as if Matt feels sorry for himself. That kid faces each and every day with a sense of determination I can only imagine. So really, why should my wife and I be any different?

But this morning something happened that I just can’t stop thinking about.

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