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Arizona: One-week later

As many of you know, I arrived in Pheonix last week after a semi-grueling 1,755 mile, 26.5 hour, cross-country drive. Though it was tough to leave my family and despite seeing some interesting things a long the way, I’m happy to be here and it’s been one hell of a first week.

The Bachelor Life

For the next two-months I will be living out of a studio apartment and I have to say, after just one-week, I hate it. It’s boring and claustrophobic. The only change of scenery I have at ‘home’ is going to the john. I have no computer, no WiFi and am too cheap to upgrade from the free basic-cable. First world problems, I know.

At least there was that domestic disturbance the other day from around 4:30 in the morning until about 9:00 a.m. Some extremely angry woman hurled rocks and loud obscenities at a guy who was, presumably, her now former boyfriend. He was rather accommodating to her demands to return her stuff by throwing some of it over the balcony to her. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard that many f-bombs and other highly descriptive adjectives being screamed at 100+ decibels.

The Bachelor Life, Part II

Then there was the missing shower knob that prevented me from, well, taking a shower. For five-days I just figured I didn’t know how to turn the damn thing on so I took baths. I was actually embarrassed to call the property manager to ask how to turn on the shower. Fortunately the fix was quick and I can now clean myself without sitting down.

The Bachelor Life, Part II

Oh. There was also the laundry incident.

Luckily, the apartment complex’s laundry facilities are about 10-feet from my door which is very convenient. It costs $1.50 to wash and $1.00 to dry. Thus a very doable $2.50 per load.

So with my $5.00 pre-purchased laundry card (the machines do not take quarters) I was perfectly calculated for 2-loads of clothes and towels. After Load #1 was washed, I proceeded to put the wet clothes into what I thought was a front-loading dryer. It wasn’t. It turned out to be another washing machine.

Doing the math: $4.50 of my original $5.00 was spent washing three loads of laundry. I had nothing left on the card to pay for the dryer. And as luck would have it: the front office to where I could put more money on my card was closed for the night. I had little choice but to gather up all of my wet clothes and head off to the laundromat where I was forced to purchase another card for $5.00 and THEN add another $2.00 of credit in which to use their dryers.

My laundry night should’ve lasted an hour, tops, and cost $5.00. Instead, I had to drive a couple of miles and spend a total of two-and-a-half hours cleaning clothes that ended up costing $11.50.

Healthy Living

In the past seven-days I’ve exercised six times. This included a couple of runs through a park, a pair of visits to LA Fitness, a quick workout during lunch at the gym at work, and a hike up Camelback Mountain. Now this is something I can get used to.

I’ve also loaded up on chicken breasts, turkey burgers, and have reduced snacking a lot. I feel better, for sure. Hopefully I can keep it going and start to look better as well.

It's a dry heatThe Dry-Heat

Finally, the weather. This past week temperatures have approached record highs for this time of year ranging from 92 to 97 degrees in Phoenix. Coming from Chicago – after the worst Winter in history – this should be a bit of a shock, but it hasn’t been. It’s been nice, actually.

I’m really starting to get the whole dry-heat thing. Trust me, without the humidity a 95-degree day is so much easier to tolerate. Yeah, it’s hot but it’s not sticky; it’s not restrictive.

Then again, talk to me when it reaches 110 in July.

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Only in America (I hope)

I apologize for the lack of pictures but keep in mind that, unlike most people, my phone isn’t an obsession and is not permanently fixed to my hand. I’m a responsible person who chooses not have immediate access to his phone while operating a motor vehicle.

Well. Most of the time anyway.

Besides, traveling down the interstate at speeds pushing 85 mph, taking pictures of my travels and observations isn’t always an easy option.

So without further ado, here are the highlights of today’s travels… Read More…

Posted by: Michael Miller | 2014/04/01

A New Chapter – Part Two

The following sentence won’t win me any Blogger-of-the-Year awards, a Pulitzer, nor will it help stop the dramatic plunge of my remaining man-points that seem to be dwindling with every mile driven in a mini-van and each watched episode of Baby Daddy, Melissa and Joey and anything on the Sprout channel.

I’ve been crying a lot lately.

Read More…

Posted by: Michael Miller | 2014/03/17

A New Chapter

Visit Grand Canyon University on LinkedIn

Sunset over Phoenix (and Grand Canyon University)

About a year and a half ago, I handed in my 2-week notice with my employer at the time. It was not an easy choice and in some ways, it was a decision I regretted the moment the words crossed my lips. The Ounce of Prevention Fund does a lot of good for children not only in Illinois but across the country and most of the people who work there are true champions for a great cause. To leave just seemed a bit asinine, really.

Yet life goes on; careers advance. The decision to move on and become the Webmaster at the Chicago-Kent College of Law proved to be the right one.

Read More…

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Another Religious Rambling

Warning: the following is religious in nature and should not be read by anyone.

Good and free-willBefore the Bible, obviously, there wasn’t the Bible. Communities tended to base their beliefs and practice around either the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke or John or from the writings and ministry of Paul. This went on for a couple of hundred years after Jesus’ death and though the Gospels and teachings of Paul all focused on the life of Jesus, they represented a splintering of the church. Meaning there was little unification among the early Christians. These groups basically did their own thing.

To rectify that, the Church pulled together a list of these sacred texts which were then debated, edited, and eventually approved by a council of men (perhaps even several councils over many years). They chose what books went into what would eventually become the Bible (and what stayed out). This arguably saved early Christianity yet there were still problems.

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It’s Déjà vu all over

I surely don’t expect anyone to come to me for parental advice. Trust me when I say that I am no Ward Cleaver. (Show of hands: who actually needs to Google Ward Cleaver?) Like everyone else, I do my best as a father and hope that my children grow up to be caring, respectable, intelligent, men.

That said, I’ve really never been one to withhold my opinion. I’ll dole out advice on just about anything whether it’s asked for or not. Such as now.

Stop it right there

One thing I do tell new parents or soon-to-be-parents is something that EVERYONE seems to tell them: it goes by fast. The notion that one minute they’re babies and the next minute they’re graduating high school is absolutely true. Time moves at an accelerated rate with kids and it’s something that is very difficult to understand until one day you wake up and wonder “Where did it all go?”

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