Posted by: Mr. Miller | 2016-05-04

He said a bad word

Perhaps this isn’t the best way to wrap-up Autism Awareness Month but I feel I need to pass this along. In the spirit of full disclosure, however, not all the details have been corroborated and, in fact, some are a little fuzzy. Yet where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire and I’d like to think, at the very least, there’s a lesson to be learned.

The story

I got a call the other day from my wife telling me that our autistic son had hit another boy in the back while in the bathroom (in addition to “flicking water on him”). Obviously, this concerning for a number of reasons; one of which being that it’s just not like Matt to go on the offensive like that.

In many ways, Matt’s autism forces him to avoid confrontation. He’d sooner apologize (whether he did something bad or not) or ignore the situation outright. It’s sort of in his personality to walk away from situations that are uncomfortable.

Yet in that bathroom, something had to have set him off and upset him. Perhaps someone did something to him. I’m not saying that that something couldn’t have been considered minor to the rest of us or, conversely, had to be egregiously offensive. I’m just saying something had to happen to have made Matt react in a way that included hitting another kid and flicking on water on him.

Even when I talked to him on the phone after school, he just kept apologizing and promising never to do it again. In his mind, he just wanted the whole thing to be over with.

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Politics and Podcasts

Warning: the following is political in nature and should not be read by anyone.

Recently, I listened to The Unbeatable Mind podcast with former Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine and his hour long interview with former New Mexico governor and Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson (who, by the way, is also a highly experienced and successful athlete with multiple triathlons, Bataan Memorial Death March, swims with the SEALS as well as summiting the tallest mountains on all seven continents – including, of course, Mt. Everest.)

Listening to these longer interviews (although “conversations” is probably the better word) – as opposed to the hearing the usual pre-written and well-rehearsed 0:15 second sound bites in debates or on the Sunday morning talk shows – is a great way to learn more about people, politicians, their beliefs, personalities, etc.

Many of these podcasts that I listen to with political figures are often conducted by former military personnel (often special forces since that’s my own interest) or guys with a decent following who just want to sit down and shoot the proverbial bull. While there’s no doubt that both sides have an agenda, the end-result is still better than just about anything from the mass media.

In the past year or so I’ve listened to hundreds of podcasts with all sorts of celebrities, personalities, politicians and average Joes – and some of my favorites have been with former and current politicians like GOP presidential candidate Lindsay Graham, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, John McCain, and as mentioned above Gary Johnson – and in each one, they sort of seem to talk and behave like regular guys and not politicians (a novel concept, I know!). They become more themselves as opposed to who their advisers or the pundits tell them they should be like. Read More…

Posted by: Mr. Miller | 2016-04-01

Autism Awareness

April is National Autism Awareness Month.

For those of you that follow this blog, you’re probably cognizant of the fact that I’m already aware of autism. After my son was diagnosed at age two — and for the past five years — my wife and I have been on a parental journey that neither of us could’ve ever imagined.

And while we both appreciate the encouragement, support, assistance and, of course, tolerance of others — I can’t emphasize enough that it’s never once been about us.

Autism awareness should always focus on the children, as well as the adults, who live their lives in a way that the rest of us can only imagine. Yet now that I think about it, I don’t think that’s fair. I don’t think the rest of us can even imagine it. Read More…

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I believe

I’ve always been someone who believes that people should be judged on their actions, their morals and their beliefs. The true make-up of an individual — and their character, I guess — ultimately comes down to what they stand for.

In the course of writing this blog, a couple of things have become blatantly apparent. One is that I’m basically I’m a three-trick pony. With few exceptions, I write about my autistic son (1), obstacle course racing (2) and politics (3).

The second is that I don’t think I’ve really given a glimpse into what it is I believe; to better give the three or four readers of this blog an indication of who I am and the thoughts that flow through my mind.

Of course, I have opinions on a lot of things as well deep-seated belief in others. To list them all would be impossible (and highly boring.) So I’ve chosen a few VERY random topics that comes to mind — courtesy of SyFy and The Discovery Channels, I guess…

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Posted by: Mr. Miller | 2016-03-23

A good thing about Donald Trump?

Warning: the following is political in nature and should not be read by anyone.

Here’s the disclaimer (if you made it past the first one above): I am not voting for Donald Trump. Nor, I should add, will I be voting for Hillary Clinton. This country is in desperate need of a strong president, a solid leader and certainly a uniter and neither of those two fit the bill.

For those who can grasp the fundamental purpose a grammatical period and/or can go a whole day without typing “LOL” or “OMG” to your “BFF” — you probably understand why voting for Donald Trump is a bad idea. He embodies so much of what’s wrong with this country.

However, HOWEVER, I think Trump might have some potential as being Commander in Chief. And after listing to a podcast recently — a website run by military veterans including former Navy SEAL sniper and best-selling author Brandon Webb — their guest did a great job of summarizing what’s sort of been scratching my brain lately. Read More…

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