Posted by: Mr. Miller | 2015-11-25

It’s green!

Warning: the following is political in nature and should not be read by anyone.

green-squareIf I were to tell you: “Hey, this square is green.” — what would your response be?

Unless you were colorblind, it should be something along the lines of “Why, yes. It most certainly is green.”

After all, there’s really no disputing it. Logic dictates that the square is green. The common and widely accepted criteria of how the color green is defined, has been met. Hell. Ask a child, a senior citizen, someone from Greece, it doesn’t matter. It’s green.

Why then, if I were to say: “I’m not voting for Hilary Clinton. She’s a liar!” — would a common response be “Well. At least she’s not as big of a liar as Jeb Bush.”

It’s as if one type of liar is somehow better, or more justifiable than the other.

Obviously Ben Carson’s beliefs on the origins and purpose of the pyramids are wrong (personally, I’d categorize them as borderline psychotic.) Yet to defend the man by saying, “Yeah? Well. It could be worse: he could be a socialist” is dizzying to me.

Again, justifying one’s questionable beliefs because they’re not as disagreeable as anothers.

I’ve long said that the two party system in this country is broken. It is. Politicians across the U.S. no longer seem concerned with doing what’s right for the country but rather not allowing the other party to do what’s right for the country. The notion of compromise no longer exists.

Sadly, we the people, have become even more divided than those who represent us. People will defend someone like Donald Trump – not because he might make a good president – but because “he’s not Barack Obama.”

Even worse, we tend to judge, and in some cases even alienate, our own friends and family because of their political affiliation. As a country, we’ve somehow gotten to the point where merely having a different opinion on something is frowned upon. We either need to think, believe, bleed and behave 100% Republican or 100% Democrat or else rational conversation simply cannot occur.

If you’re somewhere in the middle, you’re virtually non-existent.

Ask a Democrat if the square is green. They may (or may not) say Yes. I guarantee, however, if they say the square is, in fact, green – there will be a line of Republicans in full disagreement with some going so far as proposing a bill labeling all green squares as a threat to the US.

Now ask a Republican if the square is green. Upon acknowledgment, the Democrats would respond vehemently; attacking and disputing the fact and/or demanding a new color be added while taking their case to social media and the Sunday morning talk shows.

It has to stop, people. We need to stop fighting amongst ourselves. We need to stop politicizing EVERYTHING. We need to raise the bar and hold elected officials (and those running for office) to a higher standard.

We need to call a spade a spade and stop defending candidates and their stupidity because of some polarizing, semi-archaic, political belief system.

We need to do better and stop settling for “it could be worse.”

Posted by: Mr. Miller | 2015-11-17

My own questions on gun control

In the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks — as well as the numerous, recent, campus shootings, street violence, a news crew being shot on live TV, etc. — once again there’s been an explosion of overreaction, hatred, a division among people and a near endless stream of sensationalism in the media and social media. Personally, I’d love for it all to just stop.

That said, there’s certainly a place for open, honest and rational discussion when it comes to these events. Read More…

Posted by: Mr. Miller | 2015-10-05

Terrain Mud Series: Tucson Mud Run

After I ran the Arizona Warrior Dash in 2014, I remember thinking “this is a poor man’s Warrior Dash”. By that I meant in both Illinois and Nebraska, the Dash took place in grassy fields and had natural obstacles like hills, creeks and a pond.

Illinois and Nebraska sort of set the standard for what I believe obstacle course races (OCR’s) should be.

In Arizona, the run took place at a minor league baseball complex with most obstacles built consecutively in a big parking lot. The houses in the local neighborhood provided much of the so-called scenery and any elevation in the terrain consisted a stadium steps.

It was an entirely different experience and, in my opinion, not worthy of the Warrior Dash title. I vowed not to go back and skipped the 2015 run. (Although the run is literally 2-miles from my house and I could easily walk or ride my bike there in 2016.)

This past weekend I participated in the Terrain Racing series in Tucson and at first glance there was a part of me that also wanted to call it a “poor man’s Warrior Dash” but I don’t think that would be fair. It certainly had a different feel to it but after taking it all in — and running the course — it clearly delivered a good experience.

Read More…

Posted by: Mr. Miller | 2015-09-22

He’s the Pope

Warning: the following is political in nature and should not be read by anyone.

The Pope is in town visiting. He met with the president and is — or perhaps already has at this point — spoken in front of Congress. Yet somehow, many Americans are losing their frickin’ minds.

From Facebook:

  • “Pope John Paul was the best one. … this new one is a disgrace!”
  • “This pope is a disgrace to my Catholic religion!”
  • “Look, a bunch of frauds” (referring to the president, the first lady and the Pope.)
  • “shoulda stayed on the otherside.”

Chalk up another win for social media </endSarcasm> and people’s inability to hide their ignorance. Someone went so far as to call the pope a “lib-tard”. (The stupid runs strong in some people, I know.)

We’re talking about the Pope. Supposedly a man of God. A man who dedicated his life to helping others. Yet people are pissed. Why? Because he thinks science and creationism can co-exist? Because he acknowledges the existence and on-going problems of global warming? Because he believes the church could be open to same-sex civil unions? Read More…

Posted by: Mr. Miller | 2015-09-13


It’s been awhile since I last wrote (typed?) any thoughts here at Subject to Change. Oh sure, I’ve got reasons and excuses as to why that is but it really comes down to two things: a) there hasn’t been anything major to report in the world of raising an autistic child (although for the record, young Matt is doing great!) and b) I don’t know how many people actually give a frog’s flying ass about my workouts, the paleo diet and recent weight loss.

I’ve even looked at a few drafts that I started in the past on things like the stupidity of a former boss, biblical errors, various podcasts I listen to and why people need to learn how to simply let it go (about taking things in life far too seriously.)

Again, a lot of subjects, a lot of opinions, but very little in the way of being interesting to anyone other than, perhaps, myself.

But I need to remind myself – and I think this is something that everyone should keep in mind – that the only way our collective voices can be heard is by using them. A novel idea I know, but it’s true.

Read More…

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